HEAD 23/24 ботинки горнолыжные юниорские 603510 RAPTOR WCR 90 white

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Новая коллекция 23/24

Junior race enthusiasts will appreciate the Raptor WCR 90's absorption capabilities from HEAD's innovative use of thermoplastic.

With a 98-mm last, a short cuff and long toe box for toe articulation, this boot allows juniors to remain more centered and recover easier. Along with a FIS approved sole, the boot features Flex Performance tuning and Rear support tuning and an adjustable flex of 90 to 100. The Raptor WCR 90 delivers an athletic fit and responsive feel thanks to the JR WCR HF Pro liner with a lace-up option, a 40mm Velcro strap and 4 micro-adjustable low-profile racing alloy buckles.

  • Flex: 100/90    
  • Last width: 96 mm @ MP 26.5    
  • Forward lean: Classic 16°/new method 9°    
  • Ramp angle: 4°    
  • Ergo Balance: Race Balance
  • Shell: PU - Short Cuff
  • Flex Tuning
  • Cuff Alignment
  • extended toe box
  • Rear Support Tuning
  • JR Racing spoiler
  • FIS-approved sole thickness
  • flat foam wedge
  • JR WCR HF Pro
  • laces option
  • HP frame footbed
  • 40 mm Velcro Strap
  • 4 micro-adjustable racing alloy buckles
  • racing low profile buckles
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